ICT Services

Reliability, performance, availability, security and flexibility are decisive criteria that we consider in building our ICT systems.

We always study and understand the customers’ current and future requirements, and based on the collected information we provide our end-to-end solutions. The solution are sized according to the customer organization size, applications requirements, and data type.

Our ICT strength is based on deep understanding of the layers that comprise a
particular solution, and how each layer interacts with the other layers to form a
homogeneous system.

ICT Services


Servers & Storage

The computing platform is the underlying stratum that hosts your business applications. This mixture of servers and storage, along with the operating and managing systems, is obviously crucial for the success of your business.

That is because a sustainable business requires all of your IT assets to be available whenever required, always reliable, and gracefully scalable.

With our solid knowledge, and long experience in different hardware platforms from different manufacturers, like HP and DELL, and a variety of operating systems, like Microsoft, HPUX and Red Hat, we are able to design and implement the solutions your business needs to tackle present demands and future challenges.

Our services include:

  • Product selection.
  • Servers and storage sizing, taking into consideration input / output operations per second, data volume and number of users.
  • Rack and stack installation.
  • Hardware configuration.
  • Operating system installation and configuration.
  • Standalone and virtualization configuration.
  • Support and maintenance.
Servers & Storage


Data Centres & Disaster Recovery

In order to ensure business continuity and uninterrupted service to our customers, we design our data centers with passion to intricate details.

A healthy environment will ensure a reliable flow of data. In order to implement such healthy environments, all equipment should meet the current and future needs of power systems, firefighting and alarm, heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC), environment sensors, raised floor and cable management, access control and CCTV systems.

A fully redundant systems is recommended in data center designs, but that is still not enough. Building a complete remote data center that hosts the critical applications (or exact applications in the primary data center) will ensure data availability with zero interruption.

Cuneisoft DMCC has the capabilities to provide solutions for data centers ranging from Tier1 non-redundant systems up to Tier4 with fully redundancy.

Data Centres & Disaster Recovery


Networking & Security

In today’s competitive business, decisions have to be made faster and faster, and access to information at any time is no longer a luxury; it is a must. Teams members need to communicate and collaborate to achieve the objectives of your business.

Our portfolio of network equipment includes products like switches and routers from different vendors like Cisco, HP, and Juniper that are capable of meeting different types of requirements and business needs. Our specialized engineers will design and implement your network and choose the best mix of products to maximize your return on investment and total cost of ownership.

On the other hand, companies are relying heavily on their data assets to run their business. Your data assets are data about your customers, suppliers, products you offer, pricing, and many others. These data assets must be kept secured and protected from unauthorized access and external attacks that may affect your network performance or disrupt your business.

Our engineers will design and implement your security solution using our best of breed vendors’ products from Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, and Palo Alto. Those products include:

  • Firewalls.
  • Intrusion prevention.
  • Antivirus.
  • Active directory with policy restrictions.
  • Network access control.
  • Two-key authentication.

Networking & Security


Satellite & Microwave Communications

Connectivity between your main office and the remote offices is mandatory in order to enable remote users to access services from the headquarter. Usually this can be achieved over shared infrastructure (like Internet), but this requires extra security measures to be considered (like VPN, MPLS VPN, etc.).

For remote sites with distances of several kilometers from the main office, the microwave communication will be the more appropriate solution, as it will be considered as a private network, with a bandwidth can reach 1 Gb/s.

Satellite communication, on the other hand, is still required for several scenarios, like long-distance remote offices, low bandwidth demands, and lack of national or service provider infrastructure.

Satellite & Microwave Communications


Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics provide the world’s highest connectivity speeds; up to 100 Gb/s.

Fiber optics are used by Telco operators to provide triple-play services to their customers using FTTH, FFTC, FTTB, and so on. It is the backbone of almost any national communication infrastructure that connects cities together to provide Internet services, private connectivity for governments and companies, and national and international calls.

Fiber optics are also used to connect buildings together, within the premises, or between multiple sites. Although the number of strands are countable, the bandwidth are always increasable either by modifying the transceivers at both ends or by providing CWDM or DWDM, which allow a single or double strands to carry several isolated connections.

Whether the customer medium size business or Telco operator, we at Cuneisoft with the assist of our partners can provide the right solution and it will make use of the fiber capacity which will meet their current and future requirements.

Fiber Optics


Internal Networks

Users within the sites require connectivity to the network in order to make use of network resources and applications and run their daily work. This can be achieved by wire or wireless connectivity to the nearest access switch.

We take into consideration the different type of buildings like multistory or single story buildings along with the size of the required network (small, medium, large) when we design your network. you rest assured that your network will be designed and implemented tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Our service include:

  • Site Surveys.
  • Assessing obstacles affecting laying out cables for wired networks and signal strengths for wireless networks.
  • Solution design including types of switches to be used (core or normal) and switches and Wireless Access Point distribution.

Internal Networks