Data Management Services

Data is the single most important asset of your business. Make sure its well governed, seamlessly integrated and absolutely reliable.

The rationale behind the importance of data management is almost straight forward: Sound and informed business decisions rely on accurate and up-to-date business information. Information, on the other hand, is Data processed in specific ways that are relevant to the business itself. It is clear that without managing business data towards accuracy, reliability, availability and integration, the right executive business decisions cannot be made.


Data Integration

Data integration is the process of combining scattered data sources and bringing them together to form a meaningful set of information that is relevant to your business. It usually comprises different activities like schema and data discovery, data quality monitoring and cleansing, and transformation of data from different sources.

Data integration is not a solely technical process; it is a combination of a multitude of both technical and business processes. This is an insight that resides at the core of our services and solutions for data integration, and is what sets us apart from others.

Data Integration


Data Quality

It is an established fact that excellence cannot be built upon bad data. Excellence and success stipulate a robust culture of the value and vitality of data quality. This is why your business needs the data quality services and solutions from Cuneisoft DMCC, a company that sets quality as its top priority value.

Data quality is not a floating term or notion; it is a measurable characteristic. Data have inherent attributes that determine their quality: completeness, accuracy, consistency, validity, timelessness and availability.

With our services and solutions of data quality, your business will attain and sustain quality data that is fit for the operations of the business, reliable for sound executive decision making and planning.

Data Quality


Data Governance

Governance, in relation to data, is the overall umbrella of processes, rules and practices that manage the usability, integrity, security and availability of the business data.

To achieve a successful management of data, we can help our customers identify and establish policies, rules, responsibilities and roles within their organizations. This is basically what data governance is all about.

But in addition to that, you will need the right solutions and services that enforce those policies and rules, in accordance with the defined roles and responsibilities, so that data governance is ensured to guide best practices around data management. Cuneisoft DMCC offers those right solutions and services.

In Cuneisoft DMCC, we fully comprehend the fact that data governance is about the people of your organization, the processes of your business, and the IT arsenal which hosts and move the data. This comprehensive view of data governance is vital for its success.

Data Governance


Master Data Management

As your organization grows, business data will, in general, fall into three distinctive categories: transactional data (which describe timed events, sales, purchases, etc.), reference data (which describe the types of entities (like types of products, services, accounts and so on) and master data which are reference data that span, and are shared by, several areas of business activities.

Master data is one of the most valuable assets of any business, and managing this asset in an effective way is vital to the wellbeing of the business, since these data affect the business as a whole.

The very nature of master data, being business-related and pervasive across the organization, means that its management is a discipline enabled by technology, and that business and IT should collaborate to guarantee accurate, uniform and consistent master data, with clear stewardships and accountabilities of this valuable asset that is shared across the organization.

And this is exactly why Cuneisoft DMCC is the right partner of your business when it comes MDM: we understand and excel in landscape of business, the technological solutions that support it, and the ICT that hosts the master data.

These services are guided by one of the most successful frameworks for MDM, developed by Gartner Inc., where a complete and holistic approach to MDM is entirely driven by the business.

Gartner Framework