Big Data Solutions

Take your business to the next level by unveiling the potentials of your data. With our solutions for Big Data, you take advantage of the relevant information hidden in the data about your business, customers, employees, assets and processes.


Big data is no more a science fiction. It is a factual reality that imposes itself not on big enterprises alone, but even on medium and small ones.

The importance and necessity of big data stem from the fact that today’s data size, complexity and growth rate have risen above the capabilities of conventional technologies (like RDBMS, desktop statistical and visualization tools), making the capturing, processing and analyzing these data sets difficult, if not impossible.

Cuneisoft DMCC offers a range of big data services and solutions that enable your business to unearth the hidden wealth of information buried deep in what seems ordinary sets of data.

Big Data Solutions


Hadoop Technologies

Apache™ Hadoop® has become the industry de facto platform for big data implementation. It is an open-source bundle of software technologies for distributed processing of very large sets of data across ordinary commodity servers.

A major feature of Hadoop® is its capability to scale up to almost any number of servers, grouped as clusters, from just one to thousands. This feature is coupled with a high degree of fault tolerance in a manner that an implementation does not have to rely on high-priced hardware, because the software itself can detect and handle failures at the application layer.

We offer end-to-end Hadoop® implementation services to your organization: from designing, sizing, scaling, to the final realization and commissioning.

Hadoop Technologies


Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics is what you really want from big data. But Hadoop® technologies and programming are relatively complex. This is where Cuneisoft can help you take the full advantage of those technologies without the need to have in-house expertise in them.
Data Analytics
Our solutions and services rely on world-renowned environments and tools that make analytics, data visualization and business intelligence at the figure tips of your team, with tight coupling data integration with analytics that accelerates reaping the value from a blend of big data sets.

Our solutions provide tools for visual big data analytics that enable extraction, preparation and blending, giving your business the ability to turn big data into deep insights.

Data Analytics Tools