About us

Guided by values, inspired by a vision of the future, devoted to the mission at hand, and powered by a long history of professionalism.


Our History

A number of savvy and well-established executive professionals were brought together by a shared vision of a company that focuses on the customers, is driven by their needs, current and future, and adheres to the best of business practices.This vision was realized on September 2014, when Cuneisoft DMCC was founded under the regulations and rules of Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC); a company built by the experts in the integrated business solutions, information and communication technology, and business management and administration.

Though a newly formed company, Cuneisoft DMCC has a rich, successful and long history, brought by its people with 10 to 20 years of experience in the industries the we master.

This brought-in experience comes from the successful design and implementation of numerous solutions and ICT projects for big customers such as MTN-Syria, Sabafon-Yemen, Unitel-Angola, ICTP-Iraq, MoO-Iraq and du-UAE , to name a few.


Our Mission

Our mission shapes the first step in our roadmap up in the market. It is a statement of purpose that measures every action and decision we make.

  • To furnish our customers with lean and affordable services.
  • To introduce innovative, yet meaningful and relevant, solutions.
  • To bring about value and satisfaction to our customers.


Our Vision

Our vision drives us toward the future and it serves as a set of principles upon which we decide what is needed to be done to sustain a successful growth.

  • The People: Be a place where work is inspirational, challenging and enjoyable.
  • The Customer: Be a company that cherishes its customers, understands their needs and goes beyond their expectations.
  • The Company: Be an agile, fast-adapting and lean company.
  • The Profit: While putting our values and responsibilities always in consideration, maximize the profit and sustain it.


Our Values

Our values are our code of conduct. They dictate how we act inside and outside the company.

  • Integrity: Be honest and real in what we do.
  • Quality: Be excellent in what we do.
  • Knowledge: Be in command of our tools and processes, and understand the abilities, potentials and limitations.
  • Leadership: Have the courage of making the change that shapes the future.
  • Passion: Commitment in the heart as much as in the mind.